Outdoor Living: Retreats to Beat the Heat

Create the Outdoor Area of Your Dreams

Living in the South has many benefits. Most of us live here because we love the hospitality, the terrain, the culture, and the food. However, through all of these positives, the heat can easily ruin plans (and hairdos) on some days. 

While air conditioning and pools can help matters, it’s hard to rely only on these resources all the time. Sometimes, you want to sit outside and remain dry (or as dry as the humidity will allow). Outdoor living spaces can accommodate this desire and ensure that you can spend even the warmest evenings enjoying the outdoors. 

We’ve compiled some of our favorite ways to turn your backyard into a retreat from warm weather. 

Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens may not inspire chilly thoughts, but in reality, they are very helpful in cooling down. Cooking inside, even the smallest meal requires a significant amount of heat. By creating an outdoor kitchen option, you can take dinner preparation outdoors and ensure that the air conditioning stays inside where it belongs. 

covered porches provide shady gathering spaces and help reduce indoor heat

Build Coverage

Pergolas, sun shades, and umbrellas can all make a significant difference both inside and outside. Not only do these things create shade where you sit outdoors, but they can also block direct sunlight from cooking the inside of your home. This gives you extra protection both inside and out. 

Use Plants

Plants and greenery can have an incredible cooling effect on your patio. While bricks and concrete reflect heat, plants absorb it. By using a combination of vining plants and tall flowers, you can create shade in your yard while constructing an excellent garden space. If you plant things like peppermint and dill, you can keep the mosquitos away as well (and give yourself fresh ingredients for mojitos and homemade pickles). 

A west facing covered porch will be cooler than a south facing porch

Change Your Position

If you can construct your outdoor living space from scratch, consider the sun’s direction in relation to your property. For example, facing south will give you the most sun exposure, while creating an outdoor living area on the north side will shade you from direct sun. Though it may seem simple, the positioning of your outdoor space can make all the difference in creating a respite from the heat. 

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