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Custom Bathroom Design Ideas & Trends

A bathroom is not always the first room you think of when it comes to home design, but these small spaces are not to be overlooked. Designing a custom bathroom is a great idea for homeowners wanting to bring their unique style into their home or for those looking to create a trendy, modern investment property. Whether remodeling the master bath or revamping the half-bath, elevating these utilitarian spaces will guarantee a more welcoming and accessible space for your family or for future renters. Read on for some ideas on designing a bathroom curated exactly for your needs and design preferences.

Incorporate Spa-like Features

Nothing says luxury and relaxation like a day at the spa! To bring that spa-like experience home, incorporate luxurious elements like deep soaking tubs to decompress after a long day, or spacious, oversized showers that perfectly accommodate rainfall or massage shower heads. To increase the coziness of the space, install heated flooring and towel warmers and no longer dread having to step out of the shower into a freezing cold bathroom. Additionally, incorporate natural elements and fibers to maximize relaxing vibes. Decor items like eucalyptus, ferns, or wooden bath mats can add a calming, cozy atmosphere to any bathroom.

Bathroom with spa features

Embrace Minimalism and Clean Lines

A key aspect of bathroom design is accentuating light and spaciousness, especially when there may not be much square footage to work with. When designing a bathroom that feels modern, consider ways to keep objects off the ground through mounted fixtures or floating vanities. By lifting things off the ground, this clears visual clutter from the space and allows for a more spacious and open bathroom. Choose sleek finishes like glass partitions for showers and brass or matte handles and fixtures. Neutral color palettes like black, cream, or taupe give the eye plenty of space to rest while also allowing for further customization through easily updated accessories, such as towels or rugs. And don’t forget about storage space! The beauty of custom bathroom design is the flexibility to create storage that suits your needs. Perhaps your vanity requires deep, soft-close drawers to obscure children’s bath toys from view, or maybe a wall niche is a practical and beautiful solution for a shower caddy.

Minimal Bathroom

Mix Materials for Texture and Depth

Chic, minimalist design doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice warmth. A mixture of tile, stone, and wood materials adds depth and texture to your space without adding clutter. In lieu of classic subway tile, consider a stone mosaic to encase your shower to add visual interest to your bathroom and a fun textural element underfoot. Matte black faucets pop beautifully against glossy marble counters, and shiny metal fixtures are a gorgeous contrast to more natural wooden features.

Bathroom demonstrating mixing textures

Smart Technology Integration

Technological advancements have made once-expensive luxuries affordable options to integrate into your bathroom. Digitized shower systems offer customizable settings, while motion activated faucets and bidets invite convenience into your daily routines. Lightning is also a wonderful way to incorporate technological design into your bathroom and allows for lots of budget flexibility.  For the vanity, consider a backlit mirror that auto-controls the brightness based on the time of day. Ambient and accent lighting can be as easy as incorporating a few smart bulbs into standard fixtures or as involved as installing recessed, dimmable lighting throughout the ceiling. Technology doesn’t have to break the bank to feel luxurious or stylish.

Smart technology used to create custom bathrooms

Bold, Colorful Choices

While modern design, clean lines, and texture make any bathroom beautiful, the secret to making a bathroom stand out and feel like the reflection of those who use it is color. A bold, fun color palette is the perfect way to add a unique twist to your bathroom design. If you’ve always wanted to live in a vintage paradise, consider sourcing a clawfoot soaking tub or using unpolished brass fixtures. If bright and vibrant is more your speed, take a trip to the paint store and find a color that makes your walls pop against the more muted lines and tones of the rest of the space. Remember, a custom designed bathroom is just that – custom! So don’t be afraid to pour your personality into this space.

Colorful Bathroom

Accessible Design

A good bathroom fits the needs of the homeowner, but a great bathroom grows with the needs of the homeowner. Accessible and universal design allows you to create a bathroom that not only serves your family now, but in whatever shape it may take in the future. Consider design choices like walk-in showers separate from the tub that provide ease of access to older family members or those with limited mobility. The heights of sinks, toilets, and other appliances can also be customized for a more comfortable experience. Floating vanities can be mounted at any level to make washing your hands a breeze without having to sacrifice your back. Whatever your accessibility needs, you never have to sacrifice beauty and design to achieve them.

There is perhaps no more personal room in the home than the bathroom, and it is only fitting that homeowners want a bathroom that is relaxing, comforting, and also stylish. Designing a bathroom can feel daunting, but a custom home builder can not only bring your ideas to life, but also make the process feel as easy and calming as sinking into your clawfoot soaking tub. No matter where your design preferences lie, don’t be afraid to explore the customization options available to you.

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